School Uniform

The NTCA dress policy is designed to provide room for the individuality of the student while promoting a sense of connectedness, coherence and pride as a school campus. The school uniform helps our students maintain their identity as part of the NTCA family and creates a non-distracting setting for their studies. School uniform choices are posted on the Schoology Enterprise parent portal. All tops, including jackets and sweaters, must be purchased directly from the site and will be mailed to students’ homes within 8-10 days. Bottoms may be purchased through the site or elsewhere, according to the following:


  1. All students may wear pants or knee-length shorts in solid black, solid gray, or solid khaki of a cotton twill material. Leggings, ripped pants or short shorts are not permitted. Please note that due to the active nature of our inquiry-based projects, we do not include dresses and skirts as part of our Dress Code.
  2. K-2 students may also wear skorts in the above colors.


Shoes are required at all times. Soft-sole, tied shoes are required for P.E. For safety reasons, sandals, open-toed or open-backed shoes are not appropriate.


P.E. Attire – P.E. attire will be determined by the P.E. instructor and is dependent on activities at the time. Students and parents will be informed of appropriate attire in a timely manner. Athletic shoes must be worn during P.E.


Explorers Uniform Policy

For The Explorers Preschool, students should wear any comfortable pants, or shorts that are easy to move in due to the active nature of our program. Although there is no specific material or color that is required, any pants or shorts that match with the uniform tops or t-shirts is recommended.

Matching skirts are also permitted as long as the child is wearing shorts underneath.